Shri B.H. Patel, President, CAPEXIL
Capexil Services during Covid-19 Outbreak
April 3, 2020

Dear Esteemed Members,

Greetings from CAPEXIL and our sincere wishes for your sound health & safety!!

As you all are aware that due to the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus in China and subsequently its rapid spread world over, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic & identified it as severe & critical challenge to public health.

It has been consistent endeavour of the CAPEXIL and our committed approach to facilitate our member exporters in all possible ways & means to advance their export interest across the globe on one side and to ensure the health & safety measures for our members & employees on the other hand. In order to safeguard the trade members and secretariat of the Council, we have asked employees to work from home with effect from 23-03-2020 to continue delivering our core services like issuance of RCMC, Policy matters, accounts matter, administration matter, taxation matter, Export Return related matter, etc. to our esteemed member exporters online.

In view of the above, the Council seeks your kind cooperation and necessary support till 31.03.2020 and we have been constantly reviewing & monitoring the situation to ensure the best possible service to our members.

a)  For any administrative related query kindly send email to 98312-61297)

b) For any Membership & RCMC related query kindly send e-mail to

  1. Head, 78909-83441, 97486-59197)
  2. Western Region copy to (M: 99607-30210)
  3. Southern Region copy to (M: 95600-46529, 99404-97970)
  4. Northern Region copy to (M: 98994-26423, 98911-11071)
  5. Eastern Region 94328-61512)

All requests for RCMC/Membership, Renewal, Endorsement, and Amendment must be submitted online using the link below. CAPEXIL has dispensed with issuance of hard copy of the RCMC and the same is now available at member login account at

Moreover, Invoice and Receipt may be downloaded at member login account at

All Member Exporters are advised to submit all your documents by email / online.

c) All grievances related to Foreign Trade Policy, DGFT, Customs, taxes queries related to Banking and Shipping may be sent to respective regional offices:

  1. Western Region, copy to (M: 99207-38053, 98203-78805)
  2. Southern Region Officecapexilsro@capexil.incopy to (M: 99404-97970)
  3. Northern Region 98726-10300)
  4. Eastern Region 94328-61512)

d) For any finance/accounts related query kindly send email to and 78909-83441/ 90380-99615)

e) For taxation related query kindly send e-mail to CC to (M: 98304-14422/78909-83441)

f) For Statistics & Export Return query kindly send e-mail to CC to and (M: 94328-61512)

Due to above such situation and uncertainty on day to day basis, your cooperation is requested in case of any delay in response. We urge to write to us on below emails:

Please appreciate the fact that in such a grave situation, the social isolation is the proper way to prevent the spread of this virus and strong measures need to be taken to break the chain of person to person transmission, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to continue our services to member exporters and seek your kind support and cooperation in this regard.

We also welcome your suggestions and comments in this regard which may be sent by e-mail to CC to:

With kind wishes for your happy and healthier time ahead!!